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La Regla:  Nadie tiene el derecho de interferir con el aprendizaje, la seguridad, y el bienestar de los otros (Thanks to Lupita Stewart, Black Mountain Elementary School)

La Regla: Nadie tiene el derecho de interferir con la seguridad, la educacio'n o el bienestar de los dema's (Thanks to Westgate Elementary School)

Document Library

DocumentSchool-Home Communication (LU)A version in both English and Spanish developed by Lucille Umbarger Elementary School
DocumentSchool-Home Communication (EVES)A version in both English and Spanish developed by Estrella Vista Elementary School
DocumentSchool-Home Communication Cover LetterAt times, it is necessary to mail the School-Home Communications because students are not showing them to their parents. West View developed a cover letter to accompany those notes.
DocumentSchool-Home Communication (MV)Developed by Mountain View Elementary School
DocumentNorth Middle School Guardian HandbookDeveloped by North Middle School to share with their parents, guardians and the community
DocumentExpectationsA version of expectations developed by Villa de Paz School
DocumentMake Your Day Book - StepsDeveloped by Amber Torda, Cheryl Connor and Ashlee Mecham, Paradise Valley School District
DocumentParent Information BrochureA Parent Information brochure developed by Lucille Umbarger School is a 2-page brochure that provides a brief overview, addresses frequently asked questions, and the desired outcomes.
DocumentSchool-Home Communication (EMES)Developed by Echo Mountain Elementary Schools
DocumentSchool Home Communication (IB)Developed by Indian Bend Elementary School
DocumentStudent ConcernsMonroe Public Schools developed a form that addresses concerns that cannot be handled during points and concerns. It addresses theft, harassment, fights, classroom issues and concerns.
DocumentRule CardDesigned to be used for Step 3, one side has the rule in English and the reverse side has the rule in Spanish. Thanks to Westgate Elementary School
DocumentParent Letter re Step 4Designed by Mark Twain Elementary School, this letter in both Spanish and English, is carried home by a student that has chosen Step 4 and their parents can't be reached by telephone.