"It is eye-opening to rethink how to invite students into the process, to maintain their dignity.  I feel like my behavior toolbox has been dumped out, cleaned, reorganized and streamlined.  I'm excited and anxious about beginning a new project with new tools."

On-Line Interactive Learning Opportunities

Training designed to support staff new to a MYD school, we are offering a training series that will cover the basic components and processes of MYD that you can "attend" at anytime.


You may register for The Basics of MYD (Anytime Training) at: 


Session #1: Philosophy and Ownership of the Rule
Session #2: Steps 1-3
Session #3: Step 4 and the Step 4 Conference, Points: Logistics and Benefits
Session #4: Concerns and Closing Out the Day

Please plan ahead because each registration must be approved so that we have the information to invoice either you or your school. If your school is paying, please disregard the invoice that is sent automatically. Your registration will be marked as paid so you will receive the information and link that you need.

Below is a screenshot of the training. There is a video that you can pause as necessary. Below the video are the tabs for the tests and the materials. You will need to download the materials because those links will no longer work once the session is over.