Is Make Your Day a Fit for Your School?

Are you interested in...

    improving school safety?

    improving classroom discipline?

    reducing office referrals and suspensions?

    increasing quality teaching time?

    supporting schoolwide discipline consistency?

    positively impacting teacher burn-out?

Make Your Day can help your school achieve these objectives by training your staff in a schoolwide program that provides a common sense approach to discipline, which gives teachers time to teach. Make Your Day provides your school with a proven Tier 1 PBIS program.

Make Your Day is based on a philosophy that promotes the development of an internal locus of control in students. The basic tenets of this philosophy are built on human dignity, responsibility for one's actions, and the understanding that all actions result in consistent and reasonable consequences. Students, parents, teachers, and administrators cooperatively develop a schoolwide discipline structure that supports the common goal of providing a safe learning environment. Internalization of the Make Your Day philosophy by the school community evolves into a solid educational foundation that supports superior teaching and intrinsically motivated learning.

"No other discipline program I've ever been associated with will allow all students to be recognized for good work and behavior every day. Make Your Day makes this possible every day."

Dick Buscher

Principal (retired)

"I wouldn't work at a non-MYD school for double the money!"

Leah D.


"Personally, I believe the program works. I  have watched quite a change in both the student body and the feeling within the school itself. Our students are happy and still quite energetic and imaginative. The classrooms are busy and quieter."

Paige M.